Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Vision and Values

What we stand for...

Our vision is to ensure all students are equipped with the skills, abilities and qualifications to pursue a fulfilling career and become responsible, respectful global citizens.

In short our vision is to ensure we reach two main goals, to support our students to get their dream job and to become respectful, model citizens.

In line with the Oasis Education Charter to transform communities the curriculum is at the heart of our provision to ensure equality of opportunity for all our students. It is our intent that all students will develop the necessary academic habits in order to achieve the highest qualifications and so reach their true potential. Our culture of high expectations and no excuses permeates academy life and this is evident through our expectations clearly displayed in all classrooms.

At Oasis MediaCity we create a positive learning culture and provide our students with a knowledge rich, literacy focussed, diverse curriculum guided by cognitive science. We constantly reflect on and amend our curriculum to ensure it meets the needs of all our students and reflects the world in which we live. The latest research underpins our work and the teaching methods used we believe to be the best to close the disadvantaged gap providing our students with real choice in their lives.

We strive for personal as well as academic and vocational excellence, aiming to achieve outcomes that drive social mobility and provide our students with choices for their future. In order to achieve our Intent our mission is to create individuals who show Respect, Believe in themselves and others, are inspired and Inspire their peers and people in the community. To do this, character development is taught through the Oasis 9 Habits, this we believe ensures our students will leave the academy being able to strive for their dream job and become model citizens.

Above all else at Oasis MediaCityUK we are a family, as a family we firmly believe that if young people feel loved and valued, cared for and safe they will work harder; become more motivated, achieve more in life and feel empowered to become great people of courage.

Our ethos

The ethos of the Oasis Academy is rooted in Christian-based core values, which permeates every aspect of its life. These include valuing everyone and protecting individual rights to freedom and choice, working actively against discrimination and social exclusion, and respecting the beliefs and practices of others. The Academy provides a welcoming environment for students of all faiths and no faith and serves the whole community.

Find out more about the Oasis 9 Habits and the Oasis ethos.

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